Waste management

We are focused on building a circular economy, and are hence invested in innovating and adapting existing technologies to deliver holistic and efficient waste-management solutions

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Environmental consultancy

Through our extensive level of knowledge and experience, we achieve our clients desired outcomes as efficiently as possible; delivering and communicating effective solutions in the field or in the boardroom.

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Leading The Way In Waste Management.

We Offer Finest Solutions To Waste Management.

Blue Coast Environmental Services LLC

Sustainable, Reliable & Affordable!

Using our innovative technology we treat Oily waste, Oily sludge, Slop oil -water mixtures quickly at lower costs. And we offer finest solutions to waste management related to marine and oil industries

The demand for efficient treatment technologies has now become the need of the hour, so is the need to recover/reduce the use of cost intensive resources. The consumption of energy, water, chemicals and other resources can be substantially reduced through optimization of processes and technologies. The aim is to comply with stricter environmental regulations by reducing pollution emissions and discharges and recover resources.

The end result therefore is, Environmental evolution, for a better tomorrow


Our Key Highlights.

Blue Coast Offers Waste Management Solutions To Its Clients.

We ensure wastes generated during and after operations in their facility is disposed of with very minimal impact to the environment. We have an alliance with a fully capable waste disposal facility that treats most industrial wastes.

Established in 2020, Blue Coast Environmental Services LLC is a Limited Liability Company registered & Licensed as a Fujairah Municipality, License No. 1019829.

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Design & Shipping

We collaborate with you to design and deliver a system that meets your utility usage and selecting equipments.

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Contract & Install

Whether you want to install the system on your own or hire local contractors directly managing the installation.

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