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Blue Coast Environmental Consultancy

Blue Coast Environmental Consultancy is a specialist, environmental consultancy with offices located in Emirates of Fujairah. Across a wide range of public, commercial and industrial projects, our team focuses on the practical aspects of environmental planning, engineering and science. Through our extensive level of knowledge and experience, we achieve our clients desired outcomes as efficiently as possible; delivering and communicating effective solutions in the field or in the boardroom.

Blue Coast Environmental Consultancy LLC incorporated in the year 2021 is based in the Emirate of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. Our management team comprises of highly trained & experienced personnel from the field of Environmental Engineering. We aim to provide sustainable solutions to the industrial projects in the region. Our customers and suppliers consist of major oil companies, tank farms, refineries, Manufacturing Industries, fabricators and traders.

With our continuous commitment to service and quality, we strive to be the preferred service provider to our customers. Our key strengths include strong marketing support & efficient personnel and as such, the company is capable of adapting to ever-changing environment.

The purpose of this project is to highlight the plans of the management team is to provide latest technologies that would minimise the impacts on the environment. As we strive to provide continuous support and technical assistance, we shall stay committed to the guidelines of the Federal law No.24 of 1999 for the protection and development of the environment under the guidance of the Competent Authority.

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Our Mission

BCES offers customized service packages tailored to the specific needs and industry of our clients. At the heart of our business are our employees with an integrated engineering background and international experience. Their knowledge and skills enable us to work on different levels and categories, whether the project is large, small, straight or complex.

Our vision

Our environmental scientists and engineers share a passion for environmental sustainability. We are focused on delivering high quality outcomes based on sound scientific principles and technical excellence. We are committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of the community.

Our Goal

Reduce the risk in your organization and help achieve the health, safety and environmental goals of your workplace.