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Light Illumination Survey

Light Illumination Survey

Illumination Survey or Light Assessment or Lux Level survey is conducted to identify Too much bright light, glare, low light or flickering light to avoid potential hazards and evaluation of risk to improve employee safety. Sufficient Lighting has major impact on performance and efficiency of the employees at workplace. It helps them to read labels and safety instructions clearly without any hurdles, to make sure prevention of health hazards of employees. Therefore there should be appropriate light fall on desk or work area of the employees. Too much bright light (High intensity), Strong glare, Low light, or continuous flickering light are unsuitable for workplace.

Purpose of Illumination Survey

In short purpose to lighting assessment is study of lighting condition in work environment.

  • To identify too much bright light, Glare, Low light and flickering light to avoid potential hazards
  • Identify who can be harmed
  • Evaluation of risks and hazards and suggestion to improvement employee safety

We suggest you to that above mentioned concepts are very basic in nature for illumination measurement. An illumination measurement professional may or may not follow these instructions as per his personal judgment or experience

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