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Waste slop lube oil treatment

Waste slop lube oil treatment

Protecting our environment starts with returning old lubricants and oils for proper disposal and reprocessing. We at Blue coast offers safe, reliable and cost-effective waste and lube oil treatment services for businesses large and small. Oily waste items and other waste generated at marine and tank farms are properly removed, transported, disposed of as per the prescribed rules, regulations and guidelines defined by the Competent Authority in UAE.

We have an innovative slop oil treatment unit, designed to treat slop oil with a wide range of characteristics and can upgrade different types slop oil from oil fields, tanks, refineries and petrochemical industries into products with reuse value in the market. This contributes to the upcycling of industrial waste, thereby producing revenue and contributing to the concept of Circular Economy. The core technology uses the principle of gravity to separate particles with different gravities. Once treated, the slop oil will not get emulsified again.

This special technology provides cost-effective and optimum solutions to achieve zero-discharge plans and improve fluid-recovery. It helps us to recover useful hydrocarbons and minimize the waste going into landfills, thereby keeping our environment clean and ensuring our operations are in compliance with prescribed environmental legislations.